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6 Inch Light Bulb Camera Extender Pole

About this item
  • Remove any obstruction that may prevent your security camera from a clear view point. When putting your camera into a recessed light, inside a lamp or somewhere you need the security camera to be extended out by 6inches so nothing is obstructing its view, then you'll want to grab this 6 Inch Light Bulb Camera Extender pole which extends the security camera out by 6 inches.

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Product description

  • Adjustable neck and head vertically angles up to 90 degrees . Head can also rotate 360 degrees in either direction Horizontally.
  • Overall length 5.5" straight, 4.5 inches from the socket base to the end of the socket head,4.5 Inch Extension.
  • Safe and easy to install, use this adapter for photography, illuminating homes, offices, workplaces, etc.